Plastic Injection Moulding – An Overview

Are you planning to enter into a contract with a plastic injection moulding company? If the answer is yes, then you have to be sure that you are entering into an agreement with the right company. You must be informed, knowledgeable and know what to expect out of the service providers. With this objective in mind we will try and understand what exactly plastic moulding is all about and how a customer selects the right injection moulding company.

What is Plastic Injection Moulding?
When we refer to plastic injection moulding, we are referring to a manufacturing process that helps in producing plastic parts. This is done by injecting hot molten material into a mould. There are many ways in which moulding can be performed and a number of materials can be used. These include plastic, metals, elastomers, glasses, thermoplastic materials and thermosetting polymers. They can be made to different sizes and capacities and designs. The good thing about injection moulding is that it can be readymade once the initial design is approved or could be customized taking into account specific needs and requirements of the clients.

However, when it comes to selecting a good plastic injection moulding company, here are a few questions that one must ask.

How Many Companies Does The Firm Deal With?
Does the company work with one firm or more than one company. Most plastic moulding jobs are outsourced to smaller firms. Hence, it is common for most of these service providers to take up job-work of more than one firm. Therefore, you must be careful about choosing these firms. If you want a specific type of injection moulding consisting of certain materials, it would be better to look for a firm that is capable of making it and has a proven track record. Always look for the reputation and history of these service providers. Take some inputs from some well-known firms like Excel Mould Manufacturing SDN BHD. They will be able to help you in identifying the right companies who can meet your readymade or customized requirements.

Are they Into In House Manufacturing or Part Designing?
Many companies are into plastic injection molding services but they do not mention the fact that they do their services in house. The employees could be sitting at a different location and such companies may or may not be suitable to your requirements.

Are the employees trained, qualified and experienced?
Plastic injection moulding may be a repetitive job but it needs employees who know the job properly. Always look for reputed companies with engineers and other staff who are properly qualified, trained and have the requisite experience and expertise. They should be ready to invest in research and development because injection moulding technology is never static and it keeps changing quite fast.

Are They Capable Of Offering Prototyping Services?
Prototyping is an aspect of any plastic injection moulding company. This helps customers to have a look as to how the final plastic moulded part will look like. Hence, it would always be advisable and preferable to look for companies that have the best of prototyping services.

To conclude, there is no doubt that hiring the right plastic injection moulding company can make a world of difference. It would always be better to look for quality and experience rather than trying to cut down corners as far as overall contracted rates are concerned.